Student Support Services - ongoing vacancies for Social Workers

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Student Support Services - ongoing vacancies for Social Workers

Job Description

Student Support Services assist children and young people facing a range of barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential by providing a range of strategies and support at the individual, group, school and area levels. Student Support Services consist of psychologists, speech pathologists and social workers and are employed in various locations across the state.

Currently, there are a range of vacancies  available for each of these roles across Victoria.

We are looking for people who:

  1. enjoy working on a wide variety of issues to support the wellbeing of students

  2. want to work within a multidisciplinary team of allied health and education professionals

  3. can provide assistance to school leaders, teachers and students to support students to engage with their education

  4. have great communication, networking and interpersonal skills.

Click on the following links to see the current vacancies for Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Social Workers

Additional benefits: (for current Departmental employees) : On successful transfer or promotion, an employee may be entitled to residential relocation leave and reimbursement for relocation expenses if it is necessary and reasonable for the employee to move residence as a result of relocation to a new work location. Relocation expense entitlements will be determined in accordance with Department’s Reimbursement of Travel and Personal Expenses, Public Service policy guide.

If you would like to read more about the work of the Student Support Services work in Victorian Government schools - see this link: SSS in Schools

Additional information is also available on the Departments website via this link DET Allied Health Careers

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