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How do I contact Horizon?

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding the Horizon service simply email Horizon@aasw.asn.au

Horizon Locum Service

What is the Horizon Locum Service?

The Horizon Locum Service is a searchable directory of AASW social worker members who are available to provide short or long-term locum or sessional services.

Who can post a locum profile?

The Locum Directory is an AASW member only service.  Locum profiles are regularly scanned, and non-member profiles will be removed from the Directory.

How much does it cost to post a Locum profile?

This is a free member service. 

How can I have my details included Horizon Locum Directory?

1.  Complete the Create a Locum Account online form and read the accept and Terms and Conditions

2.  A confirmation welcome email will be sent, with your account details and a link to activate your profile

3.  You must activate your profile with the link provided in the email

4.  You can then login to your Locum Profile through Manage My Account in the Locum menu

5.  After logging into your account, you can edit and update your profile

6.  Use ‘Manage my Profile’ to add your locum profile details

Need Some Help?

Feel free to contact horizon@aasw.asn.au.

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